How to Tour With Kids in Europe

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There are so many things to consider when you’re planning a European trip for the family. It can be a bit daunting and may make you wonder if you want to travel there with children at all! Don’t give up on your travel dreams just yet - there is hope in sight! The following European tours are not only family and kid friendly, but are also focused on making sure children have an enjoyable adventure that will surely give them exciting memories to share with their friends back home.

The guides who deliver the tours below know how it is: you want the kids to learn about the history of a place when you visit, but long lineups and museums filled with “don’t touch” signs add up to a whole lot of frustration and spoilt moods. At the same time, maybe you’re not willing to spend your entire vacation doing things that only the children enjoy, but have you twiddling your thumbs and checking your watch every few minutes.

Take a look at these kid-friendly tours in many major cities around Europe with local experts ready to take the whole family on an adventure that everyone will enjoy. With all tours being customizable, the possibilities really are endless.

Kid-Friendly Tours in Europe

You won’t want to pass on this chance to visit the highlights of ancient Pompeii, when you find out that guide Fabrizio has planned it with your children at the centre. During the Private tour of Pompeii for kids there is no risk of the kids getting tired or bored since they are the ones taking the lead as they follow the clues on their special maps. Fabrizio engages the whole family by including the right mix of fun and games to amuse the children and also by presenting interesting history to entertain the adults.

If you want your children to have a lot of fun during their time in London, but not at the expense of missing out on historic sites and learning opportunities, the London - Kids, City and Culture - Customised London tour is a good option for the whole family. Guide Dawn wants to make this tour an enjoyable experience for youngsters, while providing a look at many of London’s top sites.

Guide Svetlana is a mother of two young children who has first-hand knowledge of what kids will most enjoy in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia. During her Kids-friendly St. Petersburg family visa-free tour, the children will enjoy a two-day quest where they answer questions, find hidden secrets, and share their new-found knowledge with their family.

You won’t miss any of the sites that you’ve been wanting to check out on the Athens Kids Tour with guide Maria. Children’s interests are kept alive through a series of challenges and activities to participate in.

Hidden treasures, talking statues, marble animals, and magic fountains await you and your family on guide Francesca’s Rome for Kids tour. You and the family will visit the must-see highlights in Rome in such a way that no one will be bored or lose interest. Along the tour you’ll meet gladiators and emperors and have fun while learning about how Romans lived in ancient times.

With an itinerary that includes taking a thrilling boat ride and visiting a puppet maker artisan workshop, you can see how the Venice tour with the kids with guide Minu would be appealing for children young and old. The whole family will learn about the art and culture of Venice while having all their questions answered in a way that helps everyone understand more about what they’re seeing and doing.
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