Five Fantastic New Destinations to Explore with a Guide

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Travel in 2020 continues to be a challenge. Is it safe to travel? Where is it safe to travel? Where are we even allowed to travel? Staying close to home and exploring local destinations for now seems like the smarter thing to do, while dreaming and planning for future trips farther afield.

While you sit tight and travel locally, the staff at ToursByLocals has been busy using this time to recruit fantastic new guides in lesser-known places around the world. We now have guides in 177 countries! So when it’s again safe to travel, we’ll have even more of the world waiting for you to explore. Read on to learn about five of our newest destinations!

Five fantastic new destinations to explore with a guide

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

We added the country of Turkmenistan to our growing list! The city of Ashgabat has the world’s highest concentration of white marble buildings – over 4,513 584 square meters of marble adorn the cityscape. From here you can explore UNESCO-listed Nissa Fortress, the 2000-year old royal sanctuary of Parthian Kings.

Chachapoyas, Peru

The word Chachapoyas comes from the Quechua language and means “cloud forest.” This off-the-tourist-track town in the north of Peru is a perfect base to explore the ancient ruins of Kuelap, known as the “Machu Picchu of the North” (without the crowds!)

Hateg, Romania

Ever heard of the Dwarf Dinosaurs of Romania? Of course you haven’t! But your geographer guide Cristian will share their story, along with other pieces of wild and ancient Romania, when you explore this fascinating region of Transylvania.

Saskatoon, Canada

Visiting this prairie city is a quintessentially Canadian experience. Friendly residents, big blue skies, inventive local food options, and history along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River abound. Your host is an experienced bird guide, and can show you the rich variety of species found in the surrounding prairie grasslands and wetlands.

Campeche, Mexico

Don’t miss this colourful destination on the Yucatan Peninsula! To defend itself from pirate attacks in the 17th century, the port city of Campeche fortified itself heavily. 400 years later, you can visit the hilltop fortresses that now stand as museums to the region’s rich Mayan history. The UNESCO-listed historic old town is often called the “rainbow city” for the beautifully-restored colourful buildings that line every street.
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